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Empower. Focus. Replenish.

HomeFit is a great fit for me! Being able to practice at home under the direction of a professionals was perfect. Chelsea is an awesome instructor and she tailored my sessions to my personal needs and level of ability to obtain my desired results. She was was able to work with my crazy schedule without a problem.

I have back pain from time to time if I do not excises, upper back and lower back, they take turns to hurt. HomeFit Yoga not only provides lots of stretch, but strength training as well. Since my work requires me to sit 8+ hours a day, yoga gives me everything I need to release the pressure of my back. I always feel more fresh, stronger after my HomeFit sessions.
I’ve heard of the name yoga, people talk about yoga, but until you try yoga, you can’t claim that you have done yoga. I consider myself “fit”, tried Zumba, aerobics, spin class, and now yoga through HomeFit. As my yoga sessions have continued I started to enjoy it more and more because I am spiritual and it opened areas that I thought did not exist. I highly recommend HomeFit. Professional. Efficient. Personalized to your goals!

what is a personalized yoga session consist of?


The session would begin with a check-in covering how the client is feeling (physically, emotionally, mentally), what issues are present (aches, stresses, health conditions, etc), and getting a general sense of what might be most needed and helpful for that session.


Then the teacher works with the client to offer breathing techniques, meditation, and movement uniquely geared toward meeting the client's particular needs at that particular time.

For example, if the client is experiencing a lot of fatigue, the teacher might offer breathing techniques to revitalize and energize the mind and body, followed by postures that uplift and gather energy.

If the client is having back pain, the practices offered would be those that help to care for that particular pain.

In this way, the client is met individually exactly as they are, and the teacher can offer a practice that is the most beneficial and relevant to what is needed on that day.

Fighting through busy traffic to make that yoga class on time

Remembering your yoga essentials

Squeezing into a packed out after-work class

Yoga isn’t supposed to be this stressful, right?

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