Tom Junjulas Personal Trainer Huntsville, Alabama

Tom Junjulas

NETA-Certified personal trainer

HOME CITY:  Huntsville, Alabama

EDUCATION: B.S. in Business Administration, 

NETA-CPT (National Exercise Trainers Association), Certifications in Senior Fitness & Kettle Bells

SPECIALIZATIONS:  Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Balance, Running Coach

Contact Info:

855-934-3834 x716


Brief Bio and Achievements

*Started Running at age thirty-six

*Began Strength Training the year I turned Fifty

*Ran my first Marathon (26.2 miles) the year I turned seventy (2013)


Personal Mission Statement

To help clients go from just wanting to get stronger, faster or build more muscle to understanding how the body works and the aging process. To help them understand how they can still be active and healthy in the later years of life.

********After all it’s about the Quality of years not the Quantity*********


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