Terrilyn Stephens Personal Trainer Birmingham, Alabama

Terrilyn Stephens


Summerville, South Carolina

B.S., Exercise Science, University of South Carolina
M.P.H., Health Behavior, Univ of Alabama at Birmingham 

AFAA-Certified Personal Trainer & Primary Group Exercise Instructor

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist 

Core Conditioning, Toning & Body Sculpting
Pageant Prep (i.e., Miss Alabama swimsuit)

NCAA Division I Track & Field (U of South Carolina), 
Miss S.C. Pageant: Local Preliminary Lifestyle/Fitness (Swimsuit) Winner

Terrilyn in 10 Seconds:

  • God fearing
  • Chronic disease preventer
  • South Carolina Gamecock
  • Former pageant queen
  • Aspiring doctor
  • Fat kid at heart
  • Pianist



205-675-7412, ext. 706

Brief Bio

Growing up, I was the really scrawny nerdy girl, weighing barely 100 lbs soaking wet during my freshman year of high school. Things changed when my high school PE teacher, who was also the hurdles coach, recruited me for the track team. He forced me to start taking the weight lifting class that consisted of mostly football players. Needless to say, by my senior year, I had gained about 10-15 of muscle, could squat more than 2 times my body weight and had plenty of medals and all state accolades to go along with it. My new found niche carried me through college where I was a part of the South Carolina Track and Field team.

I am originally from Summerville, SC and have lived in Birmingham for the past 7 years. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Master of Public Health in Health Behavior.  As an undergrad student, I quickly saw the benefits that being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle has on one's quality of life. I became certified as an AFAA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor primarily as a way to help people feel more confident in themselves, whether physically or medically. In addition, as a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, my goal is to help rebuild the strength and endurance of cancer patients and survivors. I have won several physical fitness/swimsuit preliminary awards while competing for the title of Miss South Carolina. People are quite shocked to learn that this everyday tomboy is actually a pageant girl.

I train because I love seeing the evolution of people and their health enhancements through weight loss, reduction in blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. As mean as it may sound, I enjoy pushing my clients beyond their self proclaimed limit to accomplish things they never thought possible.

Personal Mission Statement

You are much stronger than you think you are; push beyond your limit to become something better.


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