Sheila Lavenhagen Yoga Instructor Teacher Birmingham Alabama

Sheila Levenhagen


HOME CITY: Huntsville, AL 

EDUCATION: A.S., Business Administration 

YogaFit, NASM Senior Fitness, Connected Warriors training, AFAA Water Fitness, Arthritis Foundation Fitness program, Ageless Grace 

Trauma conscious yoga; Gentle yoga/meditation; Older adult balance & fitness; Donor Engagement for Non-Profit

Contact Info:

205-675-7412 x722






Brief Bio

I'm passionate about all aspects of physical wellness and longevity as well as brain health. My Gentle Yoga classes are all about breath awareness, building strength and stamina, and gently increasing flexibility for beginning and intermediate yoga practice - all ages. I end classes in a restorative and meditative experience which may include body scan, visualization or scripted meditation, among other techniques. Don't be fooled, a gentle approach can be as challenging as you make it - it's all about desires and goals! Many have told me that my teaching voice is very soothing and gentle. However, my favorite compliment that I get repeatedly is actually a question:  "Sheila, WHERE do you teach regularly?"     

I also teach balance classes for boomers and older adults, working with those who want to maintain and/or achieve better balance, build stamina and increase strength. I teach just a touch of light dance and sports inspired movement to address cardiovascular health. I help to increase stamina with fitness balls, thera bands, noodles and light weights while addressing every muscle in the entire body. My balance and strength approach is ideal for boomers and older adults that are moderately active and like to have fun. Each class ends with gentle stretch and relaxation. Strength is essential for lifelong independence! Fitness techniques and practices can always be tailored to each individual's needs. 

My other passion, regarding military service members: We are living in an era in which our country has been at war for a very long time. Men and women are returning home almost daily, many of which have sacrificed physical/mental health for their service to us. It is my belief that we all have a personal responsibility to support those who have served, in some individual way.

Understanding the effects of trauma will help you grow your compassion and affect your world in a positive way. Most people have experienced some sort of trauma at one point in their lives. Please become informed about trauma and its effects on the body and mind. Find a way to serve your veterans!


Personal Mission Statement

 I am dedicated to my client's well being - period. To me, this means client safety, client comfort, mindful awareness of body - understanding which muscles are actively involved and, at the same time, knowing which muscles are unnecessarily engaged, and posture. Those are just mechanical aspects of well being. The "other" part of my equation for well being: breath awareness, understanding less known systems of the body that affect physical/emotional health (Vagus or psoas, anyone?), keeping client confidence and trust and possibly the most important practice, actively listening to what my client's desires are for themselves with regards to fitness and health.


Sheila in 10 seconds 

  • Wife; Mom of three; Grandmom of three (2 of these are furry)

  • Community service: Steady For Life non-profit teacher/volunteer/cheerleader/fundraiser/special events; Volunteer teacher Rocket City Yoga Week and YogaForVets

  • Believer of lifelong learning and mindful self-improvement/Always a beginner

  • Avid follower of yoga and it's plethora of benefits

  • Reader of labels and healthy eating minder

  • Nature lover - moss/lichen/turtles and all!

  • 86% cacao ~ green smoothies ~ avocados

  • Harry Connick Jr ~ Michael Bublé ~ Deva Premal

  • Favorite Quote: Compassion is not having any hesitation to reflect your light on things ~Chogyam Trungpa (Psst ... ALL have that "light"!!)


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