Mark Marlatt Personal Trainer Birmingham, Alabama

Mark Marlatt


Cincinnati, Ohio

Home City: Portland, MI

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
PLYOGA Certification

Specialization: ACE-Certified fitness nutrition specialization

Achievements: Junior Olympic Tennis qualifier, Top 200 Vulcan 10k, Completed multiple triathlons and the Mercedes marathon (under 4 hours)

Contact Info:

205-675-7412 x713

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Brief Bio

I have a very diverse sports background! Soccer, wrestling, track and cross country, tennis, baseball…etc. In college I studied multiple forms of dance including ballet, modern jazz, tap, breakdance and hip-hop.

My training experience ranges from ages 13 to 71. With past clients I have dealt with neurological issues affecting balance as well as bone density problems and always enjoy researching to make sure my clients feel better both mentally and physically. My free time is spent reading about corrective exercise as well as nutrition and nutritional therapy. My philosophy on training is that I don’t like training people just to train, but to be truly healthy. Training you to be fit and healthy, so that you can enjoy life and whatever that means to you is always my goal. I enjoy passing on knowledge and hope to help as many people as I can achieve their goals.


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