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Lindsey Noordsij



EDUCATION: Obtaining B.S. in Pre-Medicine/Biolology from the University of Tampa


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)



  • Strength

  • Hypertrophy

  • Lifestyle Health and Wellness

Contact Info:

(855) 934-3834


Brief Bio

I was raised on a horse farm in Vermont. As a child and through high school, my life revolved around riding and caring for my horses. When I came to college in Florida, I no longer had the financial means of supporting a horse, but I still wanted to stay active. I turned to the gym, and soon became devoted to the sport of bodybuilding. I’ve competed in one show before as a bikini competitor, and it was one of the hardest yet most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I plan to do another show in the next few years; however, I’m currently using my time in the gym to grow.

I began lifting weights three years ago after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was about 30 pounds underweight and slowly dying of malnutrition before my diagnosis. Fitness has not only allowed me to gain all that weight back in a healthy way, it has allowed me to feel CONFIDENT. All I want is for my clients to feel the same way.

Lindsey in 10 seconds 

  • Animal/people lover

  • School nerd

  • Gym rat

  • Food worshiper

  • Loves the outdoors

  • Always encouraging a positive body image


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