Kelsey Chambers Personal Trainer, Birmingham, Alabama

Kelsey Chambers

B.S., ncsf-cpt

HOME CITY: Birmingham, AL 

EDUCATION: B.S. Psychology & Exercise Science/Nutrition, Concentration in Nutrition, University of Montevallo

National Council on Strength & Fitness,
Certified Personal Trainer

SPECIALIZATIONS: Strength training, Core, Weight Loss, Nutrition

ACHIEVEMENTS: National Honor Society, Dean's List, Dietetic Research

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Brief Bio:

I started college with the intention of only focusing on Psychology...until I found nutrition. Not only did I find and absolutely fall in love with nutrition, but also with fitness. The minute I started becoming a regular in the gym is when it hit me. Not only did I have a passion for anything nutrition-related, but anything fitness-related as well. From there, I decided to pursue a certification in personal training and I am so thankful I did! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share my passion with others and in turn, help them emphasize the importance of physical health and fitness in their lives!

Kelsey in Ten Seconds:

  • Coffee Advocate
  • Cat Lady
  • Psych Nerd
  • Plank Lover
  • Go-Getter
  • Tattoo Enthusiast


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