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Kaylee Nemeth, CPT

Home City:  

Woodbury, TN


MTSU - Exercise Science Student


ACE - Personal Trainer

CPR/AED - Red Cross

Contact Info:

(855) 934-3834


Brief Bio

Living an active lifestyle has always been important in my life. Growing up I was involved with sports and being outdoors as much as I could. As I got older, I realized what types of benefits being active had in my life. Sports helped me connect with people, running helped me gain clarity, hiking fueled the adventure I crave, and going to the gym lifted me up when I felt down.

Mission Statement:

Knowing what being active does for me I want to help people gain that same experience and feel happier and more confident than ever before.

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  • Reliable

  • Trustworthy

  • Creative

  • Kind

  • Goofy

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