Heather Roberson Personal Trainer Birmingham Alabama

Heather A Roberson


HOME CITY: Birmingham, Alabama 


B.A., Business Administration emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Exercise Science, Belmont University, Nashville, TN

AMNP, Accelerated Master’s in Nursing Pathway, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL (in progress)


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Personal Trainer 

CRM Certificate, Clinical Research Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL (in progress)

SPECIALIZATIONS:  Women’s Fitness, Senior Adult Fitness, Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes Prevention, Balance and Stability

Completed 4 half-marathons and countless 5k and 10k’s.


Contact Info:

205-675-7412 x712


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Brief Bio

I am originally from the Birmingham area. I grew up heavily involved in sports and liberal arts.  My sophomore year of high school I suffered from an elbow and shoulder injury that lead to physical therapy, and opened up my world to physiology and sports psychology. This injury also turned my attention to my other passions of arts and music. While I could not continue my pursuit of an athletic scholarship, I could still pursue music. In 2002 I attended Jeff State community college for a year and half on a vocal scholarship, and in 2004 transferred to Belmont University to pursue a degree in Music Business.

While attending Belmont, I spent my time in music business classes and studios, but also needed to provide a little income; I found myself drawn to working in a small, privately owned personal training gym catering to celebrities and executives. Before I knew it, I was filling all of my extra-curricular classes with Exercise Science courses: Nutrition, Health Concepts, Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Marathon Running. As I continued to pursue the music industry and music row internships and jobs, I found I was spending my free time in the gym and researching training methods and nutrition. It was around this time that I was approached by a fellow gym co-worker/personal trainer/mentor to begin personal training for extra income. A short time later I changed majors to strictly Business with emphasis in Entrepreneurship and completed my degree. My hope was that I could combine my business entrepreneurial experience with my exercise science extracurricular and personal training experience, and form a professional career in a recent buzz word: Corporate Wellness.

Instead, I started work in the Marketing and Development industry and continued to personal train and give fitness advice on the side. As my professional development and career took me from Nashville, TN to St. Louis, MO I drifted from fitness and drove my focus to Development and took a break from training. No matter where I was professionally though, I found myself talking to colleagues and friends about nutrition and workout plans. Professionally, I always hoped that my passions would eventually cross paths, and lead to corporate wellness, but the industry was still relatively new.

In 2009, with the decline of my mother’s health to cancer, I moved back to Birmingham, AL to care for her. It was during this time that I chose to shift my focus back to wellness and began training again and pursuing further education in the health industry at UAB in nursing and clinical research. With the extra time on my hands, I volunteered at UAB in the TBICU, with Jones Valley Urban Farm for their Seed to Plate program, American Diabetes Association, and various other nonprofits like Hand in Paw. It wasn’t long that an opportunity came to pursue work in Development in Diabetes Research and Advocacy fundraising, thus bringing me closer to my goal of helping people with their health.

During this time, as I accompanied my mother to doctor visits and clinics, I began to realize that my real interest was not in Palliative Care, but rather in Preventive Healthcare and Solutions. After my mother’s passing in 2012, I decided to take a break from pursing my masters in nursing, and realigned my goals back to wellness. After much consideration, and my newly adjusted life as a working mom trying to balance life, home, and health; I decided to pursue preventative wellness and return to personal training and health coaching. I believe my path to wellness is a thread throughout my life that has driven me as an athlete, a student, a young professional, a coworker, a professional, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a mentor. I believe in sharing that wellness, health, fitness, and nutrition can have many faces and meet you in any season of your life, no matter the up’s and down’s. 


Personal Mission Statement

“Eat Your Veggies and Say Your Prayers!” I know what it means to be student, work full-time, be a caregiver, and be a full-time wife and mother trying to stay healthy, find balance, and be the best version of myself. I believe in teaching my clients to be their own advocate, and meeting them at their needs whether it’s losing a few pounds, adopting healthier choices, getting motivated, breaking emotional and physical barriers, or taking their training to a new level. 


Heather in 10 seconds 

  • God Seeker
  • Wife of Brawny Man
  • Mom of Brawny Boy
  • Recovering Perfectionist
  • List Maker
  • Lifetime Student
  • Science Nerd
  • Empath
  • Water, Air, and Sunshine Craver
  • Trail Hiker
  • Mountain Lover
  • Believer in the Power of Simplicity
  • 1st World Problem Hater
  • Wannabe Golfer
  • Professional Shower and Car Singer
  • Kettlebell Swinger
  • Dream Weaver
  • Cat Lover


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