Should I Work Out on Vacation (It is Vacation!)?

Summer is here, which probably means you have a get-away planned in the next few months. Whether you are going on a cruise or to the mountains, a common question is: “Should I stick to my workout regimen while on vacation?” Isn’t the whole point of vacation to rest and unwind? It absolutely is! When it comes to getting a sweat sesh in on your time away, consider a few things:


  1. How active will you be?

    For some, vacations are jam-packed with activities such as snorkeling, hiking, swimming or bicycling while for others the plan is to lay by the pool without moving a toe. If you are part of the former, let those activities take the place of your normal workout routine! This is a great time to try new things and still be active, while not stressing about a certain type of workout.

    If you plan to lay in the sun all day long, try to incorporate some type of activity. A long walk on the beach or a bike ride with the family might take the place of your workouts that week. If you are traveling to an area where you can walk to many of your destinations, take advantage of it!

  2. Where are you on your fitness journey?

    If you are just starting out on your fitness journey and trying to develop the habit of exercising, it is wise to continue with your normal workout routine as much as possible while on vacation.

    If you are a seasoned exerciser and do not have trouble finding motivation, let your workouts be optional on vacation. Your body might be craving the rest, or you might find yourself longing for an early morning beach run to clear your thoughts!

  3. Ultimately – don’t stress too much!

    Missing a week or so of workouts won’t ruin your fitness, so do not stress too much about it. Vacations are rare, so it is important to relax and enjoy! A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so while it is beneficial to continue with your normal routine if you are just beginning a new program, the workout will be there when you return!

    Keep in mind that vacations are not a time to forgo all the healthy lifestyle changes you have made. Be mindful of what you are eating and listen to what your body wants! Don’t stuff yourself with desserts everyday if you aren’t truly wanting it, just because you feel like you need to “eat it while it’s ok on vacation!” Your mindset shouldn’t be one of “the last supper” but rather, “I can eat and enjoy without overdoing it.”


The above recommendations are for the average, week-long excursion. If you are planning a longer vacation, we advise sticking to your workout schedule everyday over day seven and returning to your HomeFit training as soon as you return!

Luckily, with HomeFit, you can bring your trainer with you wherever you go with our virtual training. No matter where you are, one of our trainers will meet you virtually, just as if you were in your own home for a great workout.

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