#MoveinMay - Tips to Staying Active This Memorial Day

During holidays, we tend to forget our commitment to move more and eat less. Not only do we forget, but if you’re like me, you do the opposite: eat more and move less.

The only walking I’m doing on Memorial Day is to the food table and back to my seat. Although, I do stick with the concept of repetitions, as I do this back and forth walk from the food table to my seat at least three times. That number, of course, increases once the desserts make an appearance.

It’s hard to get up and move around during the holidays, especially after meals. If you’re like me, the more you eat, the more laziness sets in.

Here are four tips to help you stay active this Memorial Day:

1. Explore your surroundings: If you’re traveling, visiting family and friends or taking that first trip to the beach, take a walk after dinner to explore. Use this time to catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. If you’re at the beach, make a game of it. See who can pick-up the most shells on your walk.

2. Plan a game after dinner: Outdoor games are a great way to stay active. Dust off that old badminton set or show off your throwing skills with a game of frisbee. Instead of sitting on the sidelines while the kids play hide and seek or a game of tag, join in on the fun. Indoor games, like Twister and charades, are also great for staying active.

3. Go out on the water: Don’t just sit and watch the waves. Enjoy them. Sign-up for a surfing class, rent some water skis or take a swim. Swimming in the waves can give you a full-body workout. If you’re at the lake, rent a kayak, canoe or paddle boat. Taking a cruise around the lake is a great way to get in some exercise, while also taking in the sights.

4. Don’t forget to count the chores: If you’re the host, you’ve likely spent all morning vacuuming and cleaning the entire house. This counts as exercise. The hours on your feet grilling and the walking to the kitchen for more supplies and back to the grill are all ways you’ve been active all day. So, at the end of day when you feel you missed out on exercising, don’t forget to count these activities