#MoveinMay - It’s Time to Pump You Up

You’ve broken the barrier on adding physical activity to your day. You started slowly and gradually added more activities to your routine. Then, you combined moderate-intense and vigorous activities and learned how to exercise in your target heart rate zone for maximum benefits. So, what’s next?

In the famous words of SNL alums Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon as Hans and Franz, “It’s time to pump (clap) you up.”

Experts recommend adding muscle strengthening activities at least two days a week. These generally include activities that work all of the major muscle groups, such as the arms, legs, back, hips, shoulders, chest, and abdomen.

Strength training offers many benefits, including increased muscle strength, tone, and endurance. A good strength-training program will build muscle mass, which helps your body burn more calories and in turn help you lose weight and keep it off. It can also help improve balance and flexibility, as well as lower your risk of injury.

The American Heart Association and the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion recommends doing one set of at least eight to 12 repetitions (reps) for each muscle group. Strength-training programs commonly include using free weights such as barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Weight machines and body weight exercises, such as pull-ups and push-ups, are also frequently used.

Before beginning a strength-training program, you may want to talk to a certified fitness professional to learn how to safely and successfully add strength-training equipment to your routine.

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Let us help “Pump You Up.