Top 5 Fitness Apps

In today's world, we are constantly submerged in technology. There is literally an app for everything. Which means there are hundreds and hundreds of fitness apps. We've searched high and low and narrowed down the apps to the top 5 everyone should try.

1) RunKeeper

This one is free for both Android and Iphone users. RunKeeper tracks your walk, run, or any other physical activity through GPS. Over 50 million people use this app to track their run. You can set goals, and see your progress along the way. Get bored with your typical run? The app even has challenges you can join to keep things interesting.

2) Strava

Another free app for everyone! Like RunKeeper, Strava also tracks your movement through GPS. It also allows you to examine key stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned. Where RunKeeper is more for running or walking, Strava can track a wide range of sports from swimming to yoga.

3) Couch to 5K

This one costs $2.99 for both Android and Iphone users. However, the people who use it say it's worth every penny. It literally helps you go from the couch to running a 5k in just nine weeks. It's designed for beginners, and you only have to spend 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, to be 5K ready. It allows you to choose a virtual coach to keep you motivated, and the app syncs with your phone's playlists so you can jam out to your own tunes while running. 


This app is free for everyone and has been called an "essential" for anyone who works out. You are able to log your workout, down to the weight and repetitions, in one click. You can track all your workout routines, including rest time, and then graph all body measurements as you progress. They even have a workout community so you have millions of other users to connect with. 

5) Charity Miles

This is another free app. Charity Miles allows you to make a difference every time you are physically active. Users of the app have already raised more than $2 million dollars for charity. Literally every mile matters. Once you set up the app, you can choose up to 40 different charities to support. Once you start the activity, you are sponsored by a brand to complete the task. The more you do, the more you earn for charity. Getting healthy while doing it is just an added bonus!

These are just a few of some amazing apps out there. Use these apps to track your progress, stay motivated, and connect with a community of users. You can even raise money for charity along the way!