Top Weight Loss Myths


Losing weight is a journey to say the least. The last thing you need is to believe some myth that today’s society has convinced you is true. Here are top 3 myths explained.

1)      All Calories are the same

This could not be further from the truth. Calories mean energy for your body. Many people think that by counting calories they will lose weight. For example, a young woman who is moderately active, needs around 1500 calories per day. Let’s say she eats a 300-calorie pastry for breakfast, her lunch consists of a fast food hamburger with fries that’s around 700 calories, and her dinner is a 500-calorie portion of lasagna. She’s staying at her calorie limit, so she should be in pretty good shape, right? Wrong. A protein calorie, is not the same as a fat calorie or carb calorie. Our bodies process them differently and different foods can speed up or slow down our metabolism. This is why we are supposed to fill our diets with healthy proteins and veggies. Our body can use them for energy more efficiently which means less gets stored as fat, and our metabolisms are at their best. You will also stay fuller longer. Also, veggies and lean proteins tend have less calories, so you can eat more food! Who doesn’t want that?

2)      Losing weight happens consistently

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Therefore, why so many people give up losing weight after a few weeks. They see the scale go up a couple days and lose all motivation. Your weight will fluctuate. Some days you might have more food in your digestive system, you might have more water in your body, and even your hormones can affect your weight. There are so many reasons why your weight fluctuates, but that doesn’t mean you’re gaining fat. Throw out the scale. Go by how you feel and look in the mirror. I am a big fan of progress pictures. Take a full body picture every few weeks on your weight loss journey. It’s much more motivating to see your body changing visually than it is to trust a scale every day. Two people can weigh the exact same but look completely different. Diet and exercise are everything, not the number on the scale.

3)      Weight loss supplements help

This is a big one. I’m just going to go ahead and say it...they don’t work. “But I lost 10 pounds by taking xyz pill.” It wasn’t the pill. If you took some magic weight loss pill and it worked…one of two things happened. 1) It didn’t really work. You just wanted it to work really bad and believed in it, so you became more aware of your eating habits and maybe even started working out. When, in reality, you could’ve saved yourself $50 and lost the weight for free. Then spent that $50 on a new outfit, because you look better than ever. You live, and you learn. 2) The pill is full of caffeine and appetite suppressants. This will make you lose weight. That’s a no brainer. Don’t eat for a few days and you betcha you’ll drop the pounds. However, you will be miserable, wreak havoc on your metabolism, and end up gaining it all back (if not more) shortly after. Let’s just eat right people.

If you are starting, in the middle, or maybe thinking about a weight loss journey, just know that we are so proud of you! HomeFit trainers have always got your back. Stick to a workout plan, eat healthy, and don’t give up!