Exercising With Your Kids

Remember in elementary and middle school when you had required gym time everyday? Remember that you actually enjoyed it? It’s because the gym teachers made it fun! You didn’t even realize you were exercising. This is before you realized that frog jumps were actually just jump squats. If you REALLY had a cool gym teacher then you got to make frog sounds while exploding next to your best friend in these frog jumps. Regardless, it was fun. Why not get a workout in between your HomeFit sessions and ask your kids to join!? They’ll love it and it’ll be a change for you. No, I don’t suggest making frog noises with your HomeFit trainer; unless that makes you happy, then to each their own and ribbit away!

Here are some kid friendly workout ideas that will make it fun for them and still make you work up a sweat:

  1. Obviously frog jumps. Tell your kids to squat low to the ground and explode to the sky with you. Hop all around the house until your froggy legs can’t handle anymore.

  2. Crab walk. Lie on your back and lift yourself up with your arms and legs. Race your kids from one side of the room to the other. Repeat and your arms, abs, and legs will be on burning like the sand a crab walks on.

  3. Army race. You will get in a plank position, and move your legs and arms one at a time to move yourself forward. Tell your kids to just army crawl! Whose the toughest soldier in your family?!

  4. Football shuffle. The little boys will love this one! Get low and put your hands up. Move them feet as fast as you can for 45 seconds. Rest and repeat! If you really want a challenge then move them feet, drop to a push-up and come right back up. Touchdown!!

  5. Be a butterfly. That’s right, work them abs. Lie on your back, raise your legs a few inches off the ground, and start flutter kicking.

The options are endless! You can even have a dance off with your kids. They’ll love to see you be goofy with them and you’ll love the cardio burst! Mix it up this week. Can you smell the elementary school gym yet?