New Year, New Tech

Here at HomeFit we hope everyone had a happy holidays but with a new year it’s time to have our annual #realtalk - resolutions.

Ah, yes! Those pesky New Year’s Resolutions that start chirping away outside our mind windows at 5 AM the morning after family holiday dinner. And though you might not have gotten a shiny new FitBit in your stocking this year, here’s a cheaper alternative to keeping track of the hard work you’re going to put in 2018.

I had this FitBit-esque bracelet for about 8 months before I lost it and I really loved it. When I bought it, the EIISON fitness tracker had 3.5 stars on Amazon and I was surprised it fell so low to it’s 2.5 stars now.

Personally, I’m not a big numbers person when it comes to working out or nutrition. The only reason I bought it in the first place was to see if I could find a cheaper Apple Watch replacement. This is definitely not that, but it did have very slight similarities.

My Review

I don’t like having to take my phone out of my pocket to check every notification because not every notification requires an immediate response. The big selling point of the EIISON device, for me, was that it showed part of texts I had received which allowed me to determine the gravity of the message. If it ended up being something I needed to respond to immediately, then I could do that but if not then I wouldn’t have to worry about re-locking my phone and putting it back in my pocket.

This fitness tracker measures heart rate which is something I had trouble finding in a lot of cheaper alternatives to the FitBit and Apple Watch at the time. It keeps your data in an app that connects to the bracelet via Bluetooth.

In the app, you can choose which features you want the bracelet to utilize. One of the features buzzes your bracelet to let you know when you’ve been sedentary for too long. To be honest, I tended to ignore the notification. Why didn’t I just turn it off in the app? It was just easier to ignore than to actually go into the app to turn it off which makes absolutely no sense.

The app also uses your heart rate to measure your sleeping patterns. I also didn’t use this feature a whole lot, but it was nice to look at my sleep trends every now and then. It also buzzes you if you ever get too far away from your phone which is good if you tend to forget your phone places.

The only downside to the EIISON fitness tracker was that after a while the wristband would come undone and the watch would fall which is why I don’t own it anymore. It fell off at some point and I didn’t see when or where so that’s that.

You might be remembering that this fitness bracelet now has a very low rating on Amazon. Well, you’re in luck. I found one with almost 5.5 stars that has all the same features I cherished in the EIISON device, but it has a bigger screen and it’s even cheaper.

Happy resolutions, y’all!

M. Oliveira