How to Really Get a Six Pack

For many, sculpting a six pack seems like the ultimate body goal, and it's definitely not impossible if you're willing to eat healthily and commit to a fitness plan. Here's how to get the abs of your dreams before next summer rolls around.

1. Focus on your diet

You've probably heard the saying before, but we'll say it again, "Abs are made in the kitchen". You can do crunches all day, but you need to trim the fat around the abdominal area to really see those muscles. You don't necessarily have to cut calories, but try to cut out all processed food and stick to lots of lean meats, fresh produce, and whole grains. Talk to one of our nutritionists or your physician to see what works best for your lifestyle.

2. Don't leave out your other muscles

Crunches are great, but engaging your entire core is what will get those results faster. Ask your trainer to incorporate exercises like kettle bell swings, planks, and (sorry) burpees. 

3. HIIT it

Want to lose some fat, but hate the idea of spending an hour on the treadmill? Try a HIIT workout. You'll do short bursts of high intensity cardio to raise your heart rate and then cool it back down. Studies show that even though your workout is shorter, your body will actually work harder.

4. Stand tall

Posture actually plays a huge role in getting that six pack. Standing tall engages your core all day, and you'll notice a difference (and you won't slouch!)  after a few weeks. 

5. Think outside of the gym

Yoga and pilates are AMAZING for sculpting a six pack. In these particular workouts, you're engaging your core and working those tiny muscles you never even knew existed. Plus, yoga and pilates are great for your overall body strength, and a strong back = strong core. Sign up for one of our yoga sessions to see what we're all about.