Jaime's Training Diary: Month One

Hey! I'm Jaime, and I'm going to be writing about my experience with HomeFit Consulting.

I'm a 26-year-old former college athlete who's, well, not quite in peak shape anymore. I played golf at UAB and could eat pretty much whatever I wanted because I was working out with a trainer 2-3 hours a week and walking/carrying my golf bag for four hours almost every day.

As it turns out, you can't keep eating whatever you want after you stop playing sports. In my four post-grad years, I've pretty much stopped working out all together and put on more weight than I care to share. I tried a few different fitness programs, but I didn't feel particularly motivated and couldn't stick to a routine for more than a few weeks.

Last month, I got engaged (yay!) and I knew that it was time to make a serious change. I didn't want to feel uncomfortable trying on wedding dresses or feel self-conscious walking down the aisle. So, I started training with HomeFit. Here's what happened in my first few weeks.

Week one: Cody started with a general health and fitness assessment. He asked me some questions about my goals, eating habits, where I wanted to be by my wedding date (9/29/18!), and about what hasn't worked for me in the past. It also helped that he knew me when I was at my peak fitness level at UAB (where he was a trainer). I told Cody that I wanted to lose about 30 pounds and completely tone up (gosh, even writing that makes me nervous). 

We started with some baseline workout moves...and I literally almost passed out. I had to sit down because I was getting super dizzy and had tunnel vision. Thankfully, Cody was super understanding and immediately had me eat some fruit to get my blood sugar back up. 

Note: Although the workout was tough, I don't necessarily think that's what did me in. I only had an English muffin to eat that morning, and Cody says I should eat a little protein and sugar before working out.

At my next session, I made sure to hydrate and eat a good breakfast and it truly made a huge difference. I had more energy, and was ready to tackle my workout.

Week two: I've done two sessions a week for the last two weeks, and I have to say I'm a little sore. I can definitely still get up and move around, but I feel little muscles starting to wake up again which is definitely encouraging. I'm also excited to say that I've already lost 2.5 pounds!

Check out some of the moves I've been doing in my sessions (and please excuse my messy apartment). Click the arrows on the side of the video to see more moves.

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