No Equipment – No Problem!

Many people I talk to want to exercise, but they either don’t have time to go to a gym, don’t like working out with other people, or don’t have any workout equipment at home. Of course they could try walking or running, but that’s not for everyone, and even if it is, sometimes you need a change of pace. So how can you work out at home without any equipment?


Lucky for you there are many types of exercises you can perform on your own at home, even contained within one room. You can create a cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, or a core workout program without any equipment! Even though you don’t need equipment, you can make any of these workouts harder by improvising with household items for resistance. You can try using clean milk jugs filled with water, soup cans, heavy books, bags of beans or rice, etc.


Here are a few examples of workouts for you to try at home.

Cardio Workout
3 Rounds:

  • Mountain climbers – 45 sec.
  • High knees jumps – 30 sec.
  • Forward punches – 60 sec.
  • Speed skates – 60 sec.
  • Football runs – 60 sec.
  • Burpees – 45 sec.
  • Forward/back jumps – 60 sec.
  • Jumping jacks – 60 sec.
  • Star jumps – 30 sec.
  • Grapevines with high knees down & back room/hall – 1:30


Muscular Strength/Endurance Workout
3 Rounds

  • 15 pushups (diamond, narrow, wide, incline, decline)
  • 30 sec. reverse plank
  • 15 squats
  • 30 sec. side plank both sides
  • 60 calf raises on ground or edge of stairs
  • 15 tricep dips – use the ground, a chair, or a step
  • 30 sec. each direction small arm circles
  • 30 sec. front plank
  • 30 sec. reverse flies
  • 10 single leg dead lifts both sides


Core Workout
3 Rounds

  • Russian twist – 30 sec.
  • Side planks – 30 sec. each side
  • Leg lifts – 15
  • Reverse crunches – 15
  • Hip lifts – 10 each side
  • Twisting front planks – 30 sec.
  • Cross body mountain climbers – 20 sec. each side
  • Roll ups – 10
  • Swimming – 45 sec.
  • Alternating high knee crunches – 30 sec.
  • Clock planks – 60 sec., alternate directions after each complete circle


*To increase/decrease the difficulty of these workouts, increase/decrease the time or number of reps for each exercise in the workout. Modify according to personal ability and fitness level. If you’re not sure how to perform any of these exercises, consult a licensed personal trainer.

**If you experience pain while performing any of these exercises, stop and consult a licensed personal trainer to ensure you are using correct form and that the exercise is appropriate for you.