Okay so you’re exercising, and eating healthy but you can’t seem to lose anymore weight.  We’ve come up with a few reasons why you’re not seeing all the results you want too!


1)    Lack of sleep

Studies show that too little and even too much sleep can keep you from losing weight. Both can throw off your hormones causing you to store fat, and to have an extra big appetite. Try to aim for more than 5 hours, but no more than 9 hours of sleep per night. Remember, recovery is key!


2)    Waiting too long in between meals

Don’t stick to the basic 3 meals a day. If that works for you then keep on keepin’ on. Odds are between breakfast to lunch, and lunch to dinner, your metabolism is slowing down which leads to weight gain. Try eating healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism running at its best. Don’t let your body get to the point of “starving” before you eat!


3)    Eating out too often

This is the big one and it’s going to hurt a little. The “healthy” food you’re getting at your favorite restaurant is probably not as healthy as you would think. For example, the beloved Turkey Bravo sandwich from Panera Bread, has a whopping 2,910 mg of sodium. That’s almost two entire days’ worth of sodium in one meal. Bringing your lunch to work doesn’t sound so bad right?


4)    You’re not drinking enough water

Water is the key. It boosts your metabolism, is an appetite suppressant, helps rid your body of waste, the list goes on and on. When in doubt drink water. Check out our post on How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking to learn more!  


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