How to Stay on Track During the Winter Months

It can be easy to derail your fitness goals when the weather cools down: You want to cozy up in front of the TV with a blanket, eat something hot and comforting, and let's face it, layers of clothing are definitely more forgiving than shorts or a swimsuit. 

Even though it may take a little more effort to get out of your warm bed and face the colder weather, you still need to make exercise and healthy eating a priority if you want to achieve your fitness goals. Here are our best tips for staying on track during the winter months:

1. Meal Prep

Try making a big batch of lean turkey chili or soup to satisfy your craving for warm comfort food.

2. Hire a Trainer

Piling on layers, heating up a freezing car, and heading to the gym when it's dark outside can be all major deterrents for working out. Hire someone to come to your home where it's toasty and comfortable.

3. Pick only Your Favorite Treats

The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with the three f's: Family, friends, and food. We know that there will be treats, and we'd never tell you that you shouldn't indulge, but be strategic about what you're picking. Don't eat cookies just because they're on the table; instead opt for something special that you'll truly enjoy, like your mom's pecan pie or your sister's mashed potatoes. The rest of the time, try to keep it lean, clean, and green.