How to Stretch Your Neck

Your neck is an important and hardworking part of your body -- it supports your head and cervical spine -- and it's also one of the first things to experience tension and pain when you're stressed. 

Muscular and skeletal problems of the neck limit your range of motion. Some people complain of "stiff neck", tenderness, and pain.

These days, most of us are guilty of hunching over our computers or phones, and our posture can suffer tremendously. Over time, that bad posture translates to permanent neck strain and even muscle spasms. Thankfully, most of the damage can be reversed with regular stretching and activity.

If you have a job where you're stuck at a desk, try breaking things up so you're not constantly straining your neck: Sit 20 minutes out of every half hour at work, stand for eight minutes, and walking around for at least two minutes.

Try doing the exercises in the video below every day and see how you feel. The best part? You can do them right from your desk chair.