Variety – Decrease Your Boredom, Increase Your Health

We live in a day of schedules, routines, and calendar reminders. Our lives are planned out to the minute to fit everything in. Unfortunately this means that we often find ourselves doing the same things day in and day out. We need variety. Not only will variety keep us from getting bored, but it will also make us healthier! While there are many ways to add variety to our lives, I am going to suggest two today.


1 – Add variety to your diet.

In order to get the most nutrition out of your diet, you need to have some variety. Try all shapes, sizes, and colors of fruits and vegetables. Branch out and buy something you haven’t had before or try a new recipe. The more colors of fruits and veggies you’re eating, the more different types of nutrients you’ll get. 

Besides fruits and vegetables, you can add variety to your diet by using different types of grains such as wheat, rice, oats, quinoa, rye, etc. Or switch up your typical proteins. Are you always eating the same meats and beans? Try a new kind of fish, get some tofu, eat a new egg dish… there are tons of options!

Once you’ve started collecting new ingredients, cooking new dishes, adding new spices, and changing up your normal recipes, you’ll wonder how survived before! The more variety you have in your all-around diet, the more nutrition you will get, and the healthier you’ll be.


2 – Add variety to your workouts.

If you’ve ever been training for a specific event, you’ll know that your body gets tired of performing the same action over and over again. YOU get bored of doing the same thing over and over again! While planning your workouts, it is very important to schedule in cross-training. This means that you are not just running 5 days a week, but that you are adding in weights, Yoga, bicycling, swimming, hiking, etc. By cross-training you are giving your muscles a break from repetitive movements while continuing to train your body. By exercising your whole self instead of just a few specific muscles, you will keep yourself in better shape and prevent injury from occurring.

In addition to different types of exercise, you should also be varying the intensity of your workouts from day-to-day. If you work out as hard as you can every day, your body will burn out. Plan in easier days, hard days, and in-between days, and stick to it. You can vary the intensity through the type of activity, the duration of your workout, or the pace you use. Changing up your workout daily will keep you safer, healthier, and more mentally engaged during exercise.


Add some variety to your life! Switch up your menus and change up your workouts. Doing so will reduce your boredom and increase your health!