Staying Fit through Summer Vacations

Summer vacations. They are wonderful times full of memory making adventures and much needed relaxation. The down side to a vacation is that we’re out of our daily routine. Our good exercise and eating habits are hard to maintain when we’re not home doing what we normally do. So how can we stay fit through our summer vacations?

Here are five things to keep in mind as you plan your trip:

1 – Plan vacation activities that get you moving. No matter where you’re going there are always fun things to do that still keep you active. My favorite way to get some exercise while on vacation is to find new hiking trails to explore. If you’re headed to the lake or the ocean, take a swim, play sand volleyball, or walk or run along the beach. Borrow or rent a bike to go mountain biking or ride around a new city. You can even make looking for souvenirs into a form of exercise by walking between the different stores instead of driving.


2 – Many vacations involve visiting family and friends. Invite those you’re visiting to go on walks with you. Walking is a great time for talking and catching up with people. You can also ask your family and friends where some great places are to explore nearby and invite them to go with you.


3 – Most vacations involve going out to eat more often than normal. Ask your waiter if the restaurant can split the size of your meal or split it with someone you’re eating with. You can also just ask for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal and put half of your food in it before you start eating. This helps decrease the likelihood of you overeating without meaning to. Another easy way to cut back on extra calories when you go out to eat is to choose water over sodas, alcohol, teas, and lemonades.


4 – Traveling always makes me want to snack more. The longer I’m in the car or on a plane, the more I find myself mindlessly snacking. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain crackers and cheese are great options to have on hand while you’re traveling. Avoid packing only candy, cookies, and sugary drinks. While a few of these are fun, including more of the healthier options will reduce the unnecessary calories consumed.  


5 – When you’re making your packing list don’t forget to include you’re water bottle! Take a refillable water bottle or two to keep in the car and to take with you as you’re out adventuring. Not only will this keep you hydrated, but quenching your thirst can also help decrease the mindless snacking.


By planning ahead and making some conscientious choices while on your trip you can maintain your fitness even when your routine is disrupted. So get out, stay fit, and enjoy your vacations this summer!