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Aviva Hood

Home City:

Tampa, FL


B.S in Exercise Science


ACE Personal Trainer


  • Weight management

  • Resistance training

  • Increasing range of motion/flexibility

  • Total body workouts with minimal equipment

  • General Fitness

  • Core stability training

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Brief Bio

Aviva is ‌a fitness professional with over 20 years experience helping people reach their health, wellness, and weight loss goals. Aviva got certified in 1997 through the American Council on Exercise and then earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Towson University in 2000.

"My fitness journey began in 1996 when I was a lifeguard at the local health club’s indoor pool. It was there I began a weight lifting and cardio regimen. I wanted to look lean and toned and to be able to see at least a hint of muscles. I loved lifting weights and quickly became exponentially stronger than I had been when I had no exercise regimen. I could perform a wide grip pull up for three sets of ten but I wasn’t so cut and lean because of my hatred of cardio. I lifted heavy weights 4/week for years but loving Haagen-Dazs (cookie dough is my favorite) and hating cardio makes it a real challenge to maintain a lean to fat ratio that shows muscle definition. I wanted that definition enough to give up the ice cream but not enough to regularly do cardio."


Training Philosophy:

For a workout to be effective long term, it must have at least two qualities. It must 1. Be intense enough to produce results and 2. Must be something one will actually do. For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds but you hate to run it might not be the best idea to sign up for that marathon.  While goal setting is a great motivator and can be a way to lose weight, if it’s an activity that you hate the goal is less likely to be met.

Goals may be short or long term. They may be a series of small goals that lead to a bigger destination or they may be a way to further the journey. Either way it is absolutely necessary to feel that goals are attainable and there is a plan to meet them. Setting goals and reaching them is an integral part of Aviva's training philosophy and she strives to make sure private clients and classroom students feel like they are meeting or closing in on their goals.

While weight loss may be a goal but just as valid is the desire to feel better everyday, transform a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, to be optimally healthy, and to improve or develop new skills. 


Aviva in 10 seconds 

  •  Flexibility is more than aesthetics.

  • The speed bag is fun.

  • I still hate cardio (except the speed bag).

  • The heaviest I’ve squatted was 225 - I was never bulky.

  • I can’t squat that much anymore.

  • I moved from Maryland to Florida over seven years ago because I hate the cold.

  • I drive a manual transmission because I bought my car in Maryland and when all four limbs are in motion you get warm faster.

  • I love to hike but Florida is flat so it’s challenging.

  • I am the challenger, I will zig when you think I will zag-I will challenge you, your beliefs and your patterns.

  • As a challenger, I also seek out my own challenges to rise to.

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