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Adam Moosekian


HOME CITY: Smyrna, Tennessee

EDUCATION: B.S., Exercise Science, Middle Tennessee State University 

CERTIFICATIONS: ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist


  • Strength Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Bariatric Patients

  • High School Athletes

Contact Info:

(855) 934-3834


Brief Bio

Born and Raised in Smyrna, Tennessee (15 minutes south of Nashville). I went to Smyrna High school where I participated in football, track and field, cross country, wrestling, and backyard basketball. I have always been active from playing outside as a kid to weightlifting for football to playing racquetball in college for fun. I majored in Exercise Science at MTSU to stay involved in the active lifestyle. When my mother needed help losing weight to get ready for bariatric surgery, she came to me to assist her. After that, I realized how much joy I took from helping her reach her goal and attained certification. I originally became a certified personal trainer (CPT) through NASM. I continued my education and became a certified exercise physiologist. Health and fitness is an all-year commitment to oneself which I strive to help others maintain.


Personal Mission Statement

I believe we are all made differently. A workout plan for one might not be the right workout for another. Individuality is everything and patience is key. Weight wasn’t put on overnight, therefore, it can’t be taken off overnight. I will help and guide those who truly want and need it to achieve whatever SMART goals they set.


Adam in 10 seconds 

  • Energetic

  • Passionate

  • Funny, but Serious

  • Laid Back

  • Observative

  • Movie Enthusiast

  • Entertaining

  • Motivating

  • Father of Two 😊


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