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Lindsey House 

HOME CITY: Cincinnati, Ohio


  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Sport Studies

  • Internship at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati


  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • ACE Certified Health Coach

SPECIALIZATIONS: I find my niche has lead me to those who say “I know what to do, I just need to do it”, thus describing myself as an accountability coach! My specific nutrition specialties are general weight management and surgical weight loss.


  • Publishing my first book in 2017: “Direction Not Perfection – accountability and coaching from your wine-loving dietitian”

  • I’ve run 3 marathons (Columbus and two flying pigs in Cincinnati)

  • Releasing my first ever Podcast in January of 2019 – “Direction Not Perfection”


After graduating from Miami University in Oxford Ohio, Lindsey started a career as an acute care Registered Dietitian at Jewish Hospital. She also picked up a nutrition consulting position at The Cincinnati Sports Club, where she pursued her personal training license.

Lindsey went on to build her career in surgical weight loss and spent 12 years as an outpatient nutrition and fitness counselor. Counseling became a permanent position that changed her life as she fell in love with following patients through their entire journey of health.

Lindsey started her own company in 2017 and sees most clients virtually. The virtual world provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face while omitting annoying scheduling conflicts or logistic barriers. Lindsey says her clients always say “I know what to do and just need to do it”. Listening to her clients, Lindsey took on the role of “Accountability Coach” and provides accountability and coaching through group and individual consults.

Lindsey became an author in October of 2017. She achieved her dream of writing a book with co-author Colleen Weinkam.  “Direction Not Perfection- Accountability and Coaching from your Wine-loving Dietitian” allows Lindsey to reach and have a positive effect on a much larger audience. Lindsey is taking 2018-2019 as a time to dive into speaking engagements and spread her passion of rewriting the rules to a successful health journey.

Cheers to health and happiness!


My hope for my clients is that they are ready to be done with diets and fads and are prepared to dive into real life change, focused on being healthy and happy! Lifestyle change is a journey and it does not happen overnight. It has to be individualized, tweaked, and assessed often in order to work around life’s constant barriers.

My biggest successes in my career are when my clients can tell me that they no longer care about the weight on the scale and instead are focusing on how their healthy habits are affecting their quality of life (i.e. better sleep habits, more energy, increased mood and calmer with their children).

We have to leave the all-or-nothing thinking because no one can be perfect with food and fitness every day!! We have to give ourselves credit for our small daily efforts and believe that small changes make a big difference! It’s time to rewrite the rules to what success can look like in your life.


Lindsey in 10 seconds 

  • Engaged mom of 2 beautiful young ladies

  • Committed and loving wife

  • Christ follower (I believe one of my God given talents is understanding people)

  • Empathetic and bleeding with passion to help others

  • Driven in career, parenting and life!

  • My love languages are words of affirmation and quality time

  • I love animals (my dad was a veterinarian and I grew up nursing animals back to health)

  • I love to travel and adventure


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