Christopher Junjulas Personal Trainer, Huntsville, Alabama

Christopher Junjulas

A.S., NETA-cpt

HOME CITY: Madison, AL 

EDUCATION: US Air Force Veteran; A.S., Applied Science 

National Exercise Trainers Association -
Certified Personal Trainer

Personal training, Circuit training, HIIT training, 10+ years Physical Therapy tech - aiding in continued strength/functionality and evolving programming for patients post-therapy. 

2 marathons, 2 half-marathons, Avid 10k Runner, Trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Contact Info:

205-675-7412 x723


Brief Bio

Born in Orlando,Fl but lived in Huntsville/Madison area most of my life. Started running and working out at a young age – ran my first 10k at 13 and was recognized by a national muscle magazine at 19. Joined the US Air Force after high school and landed in Austin after my time in the  Air Force. While in Austin, I worked in the natural food business. I headed back to North Alabama in 2005 and started working in the Physical Therapy field. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and put on a medicine control. After reading and learning about how our bodies are affected by the foods we eat and the exercise we do – I have revamped my eating habits and exercise outlook. By doing this I have been RA medicine free for 2+ years. Over the past four years, I have focused more on my health and wellness.


Personal Mission Statement

Because of my experience with RA and learning more about how are bodies can work if treated well, I want to share that knowledge with my clients. I am passionate about helping clients make goals and work towards meeting those goals.


Christopher in 10 seconds 

  • Movie Nerd
  • Sports Enthusiast
  • Auburn War Eagle
  • Dog Lover
  • Metal Head
  • Fitness Lover
  • Loving Husband
  • Runner


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