Ann Wilson Personal Trainer Nashville Tennessee

Ann Wilson

ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist

CITY:  Nashville, TN


A, Exercise Science, Human Performance and Physical Education, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Trade, Neuromuscular Therapy, Southeastern Institute, Charlotte, NC


ACSM - Certified Exercise Physiologist
Certified Massage Therapist


Special Populations: Senior Adults, Prevention and treatment of chronic disease and limitations (wheelchair)


I have trained for and completed multiple triathlons (swim bike run)

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Brief Bio

            Through my college journey I chose anything that allowed me to avoid human science. I was never interested in anything science related until I found myself at massage therapy school as a means to an end simply to maintain ‘student status’ in order to stay on my parents’ insurance. What I found was God’s way of leading me to my passion; the human body. For the first time in my life I found myself excited to wake up and go to class. I could not get enough of how this unique machine works and to learn the ability to manipulate and mold it to achieve its best performance.

            Upon completing massage therapy school I found a career but also a thirst for a deeper understanding of how this body works. After working in the field for three years I enrolled into Winthrop University within the Exercise Science major. I obtained my bachelor’s degree and moved to Nashville two weeks before my final semester. I needed an internship and was connected to Corley Roberts who is the founder and CEO of MyFitScript™.  She introduced me to the direction I chose to take my career. I have a passion to help those who thrive for and hold a need to incorporate exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes into their life in order to optimize their daily life.

            Through my career I have been able to develop exercise programs for individuals ranging from healthy and wanting to gain better strength to those with extreme limitations and bound to a wheelchair due to fibromyalgia and or multiple sclerosis. I absolutely love my job. I get to help other people understand their body and know how to push themselves to gain change, optimize their health and enhance their quality of life.  


Ann in 10 seconds 

  • God has brought me where I am

  • Family is my ROCK

  • I love to EAT

  • Workout daily


  • Organized

  • I clean for relaxation and down time (LOL)


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